I had my six week postpartum check up on Friday! Although I’m now eight weeks post-birth. Anyway, the midwife said, yup, I have a mild rectocele. She didn’t see the bladder prolapse but I know it’s there. BUT, she said she didn’t think there was any reason I couldn’t start running, as long as I try to hold up my pelvic floor while I run, and to keep doing all my strengthening exercises.

If I’m not noticing major resolution by March, she said, I can go see the specialist again. She also confirmed that as long as I’m breastfeeding, I might not see a 100% reduction, but I already knew that.

I went to the gym for only the second time since Henry was born on Saturday. I think I’m going to make Saturday and Sunday two heavy gym days, since my husband is home and I can feed the baby, pump, and then leave for as blessedly long as I’d like. It feels amazing. I might do a weights day and a Spin day, and then take a rest day during the week instead.

I ran a mile. I probably shouldn’t have, since I was feeling a bit heavy in my pelvic floor that morning. Overall, I’ve been feeling a lot less symptomatic though! There are entire days, or at least 90% of days, where I don’t feel anything at all. Much better than a few weeks ago.

I was out of breath running one 8:30 mile. Funny how my half marathon pace of last January is now my quick one mile pace. I guess I really am starting over in a lot of ways. I’m out of shape! I’m also 15 pounds heavier than normal, which really shocked me, since I feel and look pretty close to my pre-baby weight. Everyone I told this was surprised. I’m HUNGRY all the time, too. Between breastfeeding and dairy free dieting, I feel like I can’t get enough food as it is.

I did an hour long strength session after the quick treadmill run.

I’m out of shape strength-wise as well! I’m sure sleep deprivation and breastfeeding hormones play a major role in that, too. But it felt great to BE at the gym and do some semblance of my old routine.

I took it easy, overall, and I was trying to stay conscious of my pelvic floor during lifting. Which I could feel that I wasn’t completely successful at. I could feel it drooping at times. But I’ve read a lot about pelvic rehab, and the next step after doing the basic Kegel type exercises is to practice holding it all up while you do other stuff, like run and lift and cough and move. I’m determined to get as strong as I can down there so I can get as strong as I can everywhere else.

Feels great to be back, even with some limitations.