Holding Patterns

So I’ve went and lost my damn fool mind.

A week ago I was nervous about taking both kids to Target. This week I drove them to New Jersey and back and took them on the Long Island RailRoad to Manhattan. My super crank hate the car seat guy has evolved into a relatively chill traveler. In fact, he’s actually been very happy lately.

So, when a modeling agent a friend of mine is linked to on Facebook asked us if we wanted to bring Henry in for a go-see for Babies R Us, I said sure, why not? It would at least be an interesting experience.

So I went, tired and all, on a major metropolitan area traffic baby driving tour. Henry did great, and now we have to go back today for the actual shoot since he booked the job. It’s important to start having your kids earn money for the family at four months old. If this was the 18th century, he would have already been apprenticed to a boot-maker.

Just kidding. It’s just for fun at this point, and if it gets too hassle-y I’m happy to quit. I’ve gotten suddenly really busy with writing assignments (yay) and one involves me traveling to a hotel! and getting spa treatments! and writing about them! I have to finalize the nanny for the two days and I’m going to leave my kids. It’s crazy but I couldn’t say no to the opportunity to get my first travel writing clip in the books. And the perks aren’t bad either.  Just me and my hospital grade breast pump. It will be romantic.

One thing I haven’t been busy with is training. I’m going to twice-weekly physical therapy appointments and some light upper body strength work and that’s it. I still haven’t gotten a definitive diagnosis and the PT is actually thinking it’s a problem in my pelvis/lower back area rather than a lower leg compartment issue. Possibly from back labor with a nine pound monster?

I don’t understand any of it at all and all I know is that my leg is still numb around my ankle/tibia bone. I’ve been given pelvic floor strengthening moves to do (sounds familiar, I’ve been doing these since the baby was born) and I’m still on official exercise rest although she seemed to be iffy on biking…maybe, she said.

PT sadness

I also learned an interesting tidbit, that holding a baby places stresses on your front lower leg muscles. So I may just have a good old-fashioned repetitive stress injury from carrying Henry all day. Hopefully he crawls ASAP.

Or makes us a lot of money in show business so we can all be rich and I can hire someone to hold him all day.