Things That Are Stupid At the Playground

I spend a lot of time at the playground.

I see a lot of stuff that explains why America is doomed as a superpower and how we deserve our inevitable decline and eventual future eating cat food from China in our post-first nation hovels.

We suck.

Today I saw an eight year old who didn’t know how to pump her legs / swing herself on the swings. She wasn’t delayed or special needs in any way. She wanted her mom to push her. She may have even been ten years old. She was practically menstruating and she hadn’t learned to push herself on a swing.

I’m pretty sure the Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese are building swing sets at eight years old.

Today I saw a nice grandmother repeatedly admonish her nine year old granddaughter to be careful and not fall off a tiny little rocking car that BABIES go on. It was like the height of this girl’s knees. I’m pretty sure she’d be okay even if she did fall.

I see kids who can’t play because their parents are telling them what to do next. Go on this swing! Now go over here!

I see huge children of varying advanced ages being followed by parents who hover over them as they climb like three steps.

There are a lot of good books written about this.

A Nation of Wimps is one. Free Range Kids is another. But I don’t need to read an entire book to see the absurdity. This was just TODAY at the playground. One afternoon at a playground makes me feel like either the entire world is nuts or I am.

I think we know the answer here.

Do you see things that boggle your mind at the playground?