about us

Hello! I’m Jackie. Welcome to the ongoing public record of my personal records. I hope I can share the shreds of knowledge I’ve gleaned along the way and maybe a smidge of my fitness aspirations as I attempt to “muscle up”: I want to get better, faster, stronger, fitter, and do it all while raising young children and having a balanced life.

I live in a small town on Long Island, New York, with my amazing husband, my ultra-amazing three year old daughter Anna, and a son on the way (two weeks and counting!). We also have a semi-loveable mutt named Finn and a cutesy house I like to decorate.

Growing up, I preferred reading in the corner and drawing in closets (true story) to sports, and as a teenager, spent too much time in art class and smoking outside the school grounds to ever know what I could have done athletically. In college, I quit smoking, and took up the gym and running as a substitute. I became a pretty regular gym-goer and a recreational runner but it was only after the birth of my daughter that I got really excited by racing and training at a more intense level.

I did my first race last year at the age of 31 (a 10k in NYC) and then I was hooked. I signed up for a whim for a sprint triathlon program at my gym, got into doing more 5ks, became a lover of the weight room, a Spin instructor, and obsessed with speed work at the track. I’m considering becoming a personal trainer and can’t wait to see what the next phase of my fitness life will look like.

I’m not innately talented, or fast, or athletically gifted, but I can’t stop striving for more. I’ve got a list a mile long (maybe 26.2 miles?) of races to do, goals to reach, things to try, airplanes to jump out of, demons to conquer (swimming in the open water, swimming in a wetsuit) and I hope to share checking them all off here.

Professionally, I’m on my third life as a freelance writer. First life was as a would-be academic in English literature, second life was as an advertising agency account executive. Fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth lives will hopefully incorporate another million passions and interests, from personal training, to working with intellectually gifted children, to travel, to owning my own business, to decorating, to the study of languages. Good thing I’m a cat?

I’ve written for magazines and online news outlets, as well as for business and corporate clients. Check out my portfolio website to see my professional work.