Where’s My Speed Again?

So now that I’ve been running consistently for a few months (in April I was greenlit by physical therapy to go forth and run) I’ve come to realize: I’m not getting any faster.

I am only running three times a week and sometimes only twice. Other days are Spin or indoor bike trainer or strength classes or weight room. I have always struggled with getting more run days in, but I have a weird body that responds to more running with like dead weight legs and injuries. Pre-baby I was able to get faster with this three times a week business and my go-to routine (one day speed work, one day long slow and one tempo day, and other days kill myself in Spin and weights) served me decently enough for a couple of years. I didn’t get injured and I got faster.

the little culprit himself

But now this isn’t working out as well. I have a lot of culprits I’m blaming this on. Breastfeeding hormones, lingering extra weight, lack of sleep. I mean nine months on of never having slept through the night once has to be affecting me somehow even if I don’t feel like death every day (only most days). But I’ve seen other bloggers who are also nursing get right back to their old speed or better. Maybe this is all a big excuse.

Don’t get me wrong, I was never a speed demon. But if I do a race effort 5k right now, like give it pretty much all I have, I’m just breaking 27 minutes. I used to run 23 minutes. And it gets worse with more distance of course. Maybe I should try some speed work? Or try to lose weight (ugh)? I think I will give it more time. But it’s kind of discouraging to be at this plateau now for a few months.

Part of me believes this is my body’s particular idiosyncracy. Breastfeeding means weight and slowness. I guess I will find out in October because I’m committed to 100% weaning at first birthday. I just don’t want to do it any more. I want my body back and hopefully even my bed. I’m looking forward to it.

And maybe even my old paces.